Do I need critical illness cover?

According to recent research, more than half of homeowners under 40 do not currently have critical illness cover (CIC). Which is fine, until it’s not fine…

Do I need critical illness cover?

We always thought things like that only happen to ‘other people’…

According to recent research, more than half of homeowners under 40 do not currently have critical illness cover (CIC). Which is fine, until it’s not fine…

This is Emma and Tom’s story.

Emma and Tom, both in their 30s, live on the Wirral with their two young sons Alfie (3) and Arlo (10 months). Shortly before Christmas 2015, while Emma was pregnant with their second child, their world came crashing down and Tom was diagnosed with cancer. With Emma about to start her maternity leave and Tom unable to work, they faced an uncertain future. Financially they were concerned they would no longer be able to afford their home. And emotionally they had to somehow cope with the unthinkable.

Tom found out his diagnosis after going to the GP with a leg issue. He was immediately sent for further tests and the couple got the results later that year. A complete shock!

“The moment Tom got his diagnosis, the world seemed to stop. Because of the Christmas holidays, we had to wait two weeks or so before Tom could be admitted to hospital for further investigation, so our lives were on hold. Christmas was surreal; we tried to make it as normal as we could for Alfie, and to keep as calm as possible, as I was 6 months’ pregnant at the time”.

“Tom was self-employed, which meant if he didn’t go to work he wouldn’t be earning. The couple dug out Tom’s Critical Illness Cover policy. “We were scared; for ourselves, for Alfie and for the new baby. We knew that we couldn’t afford to stay in our home if Tom wasn’t earning, yet there was no way that he was able to work.”

If the couple hadn’t had the cover they’d taken out a few years before, they both believe things could have turned out very differently. They genuinely don’t know what they would have done.

“Tom’s illness completely changed our perspective on life.” Says Emma. “We had to focus on taking every day one step at a time. Having the boys meant we had to try to keep everything as normal as we could. Our family and friends were so supportive. They wanted to help in any way they could, but realistically what is there anyone can do? They were there for emotional support, but we couldn’t have relied on them financially. It was lucky we didn’t need to.

“Ultimately, Tom’s cancer made us realise that you always assume bad things happen to other people. But we became other people. And thankfully we had the protection in place that we needed.”

The couple’s Critical Illness Cover meant that Tom was able to focus on the surgery he needed and his subsequent rehabilitation. He didn’t have to worry about the stress of not having an income and not being able to pay the bills. It may have only been one thing, but it was a weight off his mind. The payout also meant that Emma was able to delay going back to work following the birth of Arlo. So she could be around to offer all the support Tom needed.

Thankfully, in this case there was a happy ending. Thanks to Tom’s diagnosis and swift treatment he has made a full recovery and been able to get back to work. And one good thing that came out of the whole experience is that the lump sum payout has made a move to a bigger house and a wedding possible. Which after everything the couple have been through means a huge amount to them, their family and their friends.

Don’t become ‘other people’! If you buy a house and take out a mortgage, make sure you consider the protection you need to put in place to keep your family safe and secure. Knowing you have the right cover really can make dealing with the ups and downs of life easier and less stressful.

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By Michael Aldridge